"Had a great first class last week - looking forward to my second Ladies class tomorrow!"
-Rachel Weisblatt

"I have a background in traditional boxing and Muay Thai, and must say that this is the most realistic and efficient preparation for combat in real life defensive situations. This is not a ring sport. This is real self-defense, and it works damn well."
-Quinn Patrick

"I had an awesome time at my first women-only class. You learn a lot and get a great workout in the mix. Best class to learn how to go kick some ass! I HIGHLY recommend it!"
-Livia Brown

"Sore after my first day of class, but I'm already sizing up the world a la Fight Club!"
-Brian Connolly

"I had a fantastic time in the ladies only class today! We learned the basics but I already feel so much better about defending myself. Definitely going to more classes!"
-Rani Gupta

"I had a great first women-only class! Teaches you the basics and doesn't water it down just because it's a women-only class. I definitely recommend it."
-Kerry Aszklar

"Sore from my first krav maga class at Strike First last night! Didn't know I could sweat so much in one hour..."
-Diana Burmistrovich